Rainbow AquaMotion Water Relaxation And Therapy

What is AquaMotion
AquaMotion is a relaxing therapeutic exercise based in the water. Using gentle, smooth and dynamic movements, the body is able to stretch and relax weightlessly in the water.
AquaMotion is much more than just a relaxing experience for your body and mind, it is a deeper journey into your inner self. A safe, supporting, soothing space is created, echoing the comfort of the womb. Tension melts away, your mind feels free and your body dances with the motion of the water.
All you need to do is just relax. Let your muscles and joints loosen, quiet your mind and let all your worries go away.

Why in the water?
Water heals, water is life, it is our base, our beginning. We spent our first months in our mother’s womb. Human body consists in average of 60% of water. In water we feel weightless. The water’s buoyancy and resistance allows us to exercise in no impact environment, putting less tension to our joints. One session lasts approx 1hr.
The session starts with short meditation and breathing exercises, follows up with water relaxation and ends with private conversation between client and therapist.

AquaMotion is suitable for everybody of all ages.

Come and join us in a beautiful Greek island, Paros.

When booking your session, please tell us the date (or dates), when you would like to have the session.

We are looking forward to sea you in the water.

Maria & Petra

With the power of water.. Float, Breathe, Relax, Meditate, Heal and Enjoy!

Cost: per a session: € 70 (discounted 5 sessions package available)

When: May-October 2018

Place: Paros, Greece