Iyengar Yoga retreat in Lanzarote

Kind of yoga: Iyengar

Where: Lanzarote

When: July 19th-26th

Price: 690 euro

Teachers: Valeria Faresin and Sandra Bozic

The ASD FUERTE with Yoga and Yoga Lanzarote are pleased to offer you a week of IYENGAR® Yoga in the beautiful and picturesque Lanzarote.

If you already know the IYENGAR® method, do not miss this opportunity to deepen your practice and if you still do not know, this is a great opportunity to get closer to the valuable lessons of the Master BKS Iyengar.

It will take place in lecture total 16 hours, distributed mainly in the morning, but there will also be afternoon sessions for the practice of Asana and Pranayama recovery.

The first class will be held in the late afternoon of Thursday, 19 and the last 25 on Wednesday evening.

The lessons will be suitable for both beginners and students who experienced practitioners and will be treated all Asana families. You will find on-site all the material necessary for the practice.

The classes will be taught by Valeria Faresin,
Certified Yoga Teacher IYENGAR® - Intermediate Junior I
Valeria IYENGAR® studying and practicing Yoga since 1999.
He lives in Italy where he studies and teaches with passion.

Some asanas that will practice:

Utthiṣṭha Sthiti - Standing poses
Upavistha Sthiti - Positions seated
Paśchima Pratana Sthiti - Stretches forward
Parivrtta Sthiti - Lateral elongations (twists)
Viparita Sthiti - Positions flipped
Udara Ākunchana Sthiti - Abdominal Positions
Purva Pratana Sthiti - Stretches back (arches)
Viśrānta Karaka Asana - Recovery Positions
Pranayama - Mindfulness of Breathing