5 Day Yoga Retreat with Nutrition & Massage in Luberon, France

Kind of yoga: Hatha, vinyasa, 'kin-yoga'

Where: Luberon, France

When: 5 - 10 June

Price: 485 shared room, 565 individual room

Five days in the south of France in a magical place. You will spend your nights in nature, eat wonderful combinations of fresh and organic food, practice yoga and meditation, attend inspiring and empowering workshops, meet and connect with new people, and most importantly- reconnect with yourself.

You will learn, or maybe just remind yourself to focus on de-stressing by doing yoga and meditation, and how to incorporate this in your daily life once you leave the retreat. Our intention is to help you relax and rejuvenate yourself, as well as give you the tools to create a more fulfilled and healthy life.

In your free time you can walk in nature, swim in the swimming pool or bathe in the river right next to the retreat space.

This retreat in France will be taught primarily in english, with about a third of it translated to french, to respect the language of the land it is taking place in. We also encourage Frenchies to come if they would like to practice and expand their english;)

If this is what you are looking for, please subscribe and treat yourself with this 5 days retreat!


-2 daily yoga classes
-Daily meditation sessions
-Daily inspiring workshops
-3 daily fresh & organic meals
-4 nights' accommodation
-Swimming pool
-Magical place in nature

Workshops we will offer:

- Nutrition, and the art of mindful eating.

- Applying the law of attraction for positive transformation: Improve the quality of your life and feel good with more helpful thoughts. This workshop will offer insight, the opportunity to awaken to new possibilities and help you learn how to use the power of thought to make positive transformations.

- Basic principles of mindfulness: Learn about the basic principles and how to apply them in your daily life.

- Massage and self-massage: Basics on human anatomy and common weak and over-worked places of the human body. How to treat the self as well as others with manual manipulation, tailored also to individual cases.

- Right speech: Based on a yogic principle, we will discuss the differences between passive, assertive and aggressive speech, as well as the outcomes that each has in communication and relationships. And then we will practice using 'right speech' with each other.


The ‘Gîte du pigeonnier’ (The dovecote lodge) is in Viens in the Luberon, 10 minutes from the Gorges d’Oppedette where you can find lovely trails alongside a beautiful river and waterfalls, and 10 minutes from the small village of Viens, a rustic Italian style village with small labyrinth-like winding streets. You will be staying in rooms of 2, 3 or 5 in stone houses, heated by wooden fires and radiators, attractively decorated with objects collected by the owners during journeys from Bali to Iran to China… Access by car or in car-pool (each time everybody manages to find somebody they can get a lift with)


Local organic and vegan food. Over the course we will eat food which is as vegan and as raw as possible by using fermentations, grains and juices.


Beginner- Intermediate- Advanced- aka Anyone!


Hatha- Vinyassa & 'kin-yoga'


Nina Schotman

Hi, I’m Nina Schotman. I did my 200 hours of Hatha yoga teacher training in Mexico, Mazunte. I started doing yoga to become more flexible and strong, but very early on I started noticing that yoga gave me so much more than just physical benefits. Before, I was always living in my head and was rarely present in the moment. I would get lost in my daydreams, which I now know is not the best way of living ;) Yoga taught me to be present with the body and mind. This gives me so much mental strength and inner peace, and so I now enjoy my life more fully. Because my mental health totally changed, I was inspired to take courses about mindfulness and Neuro Lingistuic Programming (NLP) to learn about this in more depth. However, I always have been interested in health in general; prior I studied nutrition and health sciences as a bachelor's degree. I plan to share my expertise in this area as well in the nutrition workshop we are providing! My goal is to inspire and help others to become their authentic self, finding their inner teacher so they can start following their heart and finding out what it is they love to do. I would love to share my passion for yoga and nutrition with all of you. My classes are dynamic, aimed at strengthening your entire core, achieving a deep relaxing state and stretching/lengthening your muscles in a playful way, while also exploring your mental and physical limits every time you step onto your mat.

Roxane Olivier

I am a teacher of hatha and vinyassa yoga, lover of nature and believe that everyone is able to overcome their anxieties and worries and become their own light. I teach yoga in a simple, accessible and honest way, remaining the person that I am. Yoga for me is a moment to stop harmful thoughts and is a connection between the body and the mind. I teach dynamic yoga, adapted to each person looking for force, will and rigour!

Rachel Young

I’m Rachel Young, a friend to Nins and Roxy since fate put us together last year in Mazunte during our progression of becoming yogis. Previous to this 200 hour hathayoga teacher training, I had trained to be a Kinesiologist, Massage Therapist and acupuncturist within my scope of practice as a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, Canada. I have always been interested in mental and physical health and well-being, in particular, the kind that empowers the self and takes a pro-active rather than a retro-active approach to health. I have worked in a naturopathic clinic that exposed me to many sources of alternative healthcare and healthy ways to live, one of them being Shambala meditation. Since then, I have seen, been told, and experienced first-hand the benefits that a regular practice of meditation can have on the quality of mental health and therefore quality of the life of a person. I have also been practicing various types of yoga since 2008, and can also attest to the physical and mental benefits that regular practice has on one. As a yoga teacher, I have taken my previous experiences and developed a practice I share that I like to call kin-yoga. It is a balance of yoga poses and stretches that help to reverse the tension and improve on the weak points that I have generally found are the problem-areas with most people in my seven years of practice as a manual therapist on the human body. I also like to incorporate some playfulness in group practice with acro-yoga, when the group is willing! I always try to focus on being myself, breathing through any feelings of anxiety or depression while I am teaching and in my everyday life, and connecting with people in the most honest way I can; trying to remember to use my speech as a way to connect and relate to people and not to assume or judge. I truly believe that this is the best way to life a full, happy, and meaningful life. With a lot of humour in there as well;) I am looking forward to seeing what souls come to meet us in France and how we will influence each other along our path as yogis :)


You have to arrive by flight at the airport of Marseille or Aix en Provence, then take a train to aix en provence or otherwise some car-pool will be organize. 1.15 from Marseille and 1 hour from Aix en Provence. Coming from Paris; get out at the station of Aix en Provence. Car-pools between participants are always organised leaving from Apt, Aix en Provence, Marseille and/or Lyon.


Train to Aix en Provence and then car-pools between participants and teachers.